4th of July Popsicles

Servings : 6


  • Greek Yogurt Honey Flavor x 1 cup

  • Sugar x 1.5-2 tbsp

  • Heavy Cream x ⅓ cup

  • Blueberries x ½ cup

  • Sliced Strawberries ½ cup


1. Mix greek yogurt, sugar, and heavy cream together.

2. Fill up ⅓ of your popsicle mold with yogurt mixture, then add in some fruits, then fill up with more yogurt mixture to about ⅔ of the mold.

3. Use a chopstick to stir a little to make sure there is no pocket/hole that doesn't got filled up with yogurt mixture.

4. Gently tap the mold to make sure everything is compact in the mold. Add in more yogurt mixture to fill up the rest of the mold.

5. Freeze for 5-7 hours.

6. Enjoy!! SOOOOOO YUMMY!!!





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