Welcome to ChiaChia's Queendom!

ChiaChia is a Taiwanese native, who moved to the Seattle Area in 2003. With a passion for traditional cooking techniques and a love of high quality ingredients, she's been helping home chefs around the world bring gourmet food to their table for years.

My Story

When I moved from Taiwan to Seattle with my husband, I started a new life.

Oh my gosh, when I first got here, it was one embarrassing moment after another!!

Anyone's who's been transplanted to a new country will understand the challenges involved in performing simple, daily tasks like ordering a coffee at Starbucks, taking your dog for a walk... every little thing turns into a mountain.

I learned so much over the years. Language, culture, norms, parenting styles, traditions. There are so many things I picked up, and added to my identity - I now consider myself "made in Taiwan" but half American, too.

Values Are Unchangeable

When everything around you changes, you also notice what stays constant. These are your values, principles, and sometimes stubborn traints.

In my case, I'm an extreme gourmet.

I simply won't compromise when it comes to food, in any setting, in any culture, in any language.

The Start of a Food Blog

When I was homesick and was missing the smells and tastes of Taiwan, I couldn’t find anything locally that would bring me back.  So, I took it upon myself to figure out how to make it, perfectly.

This is when I started my food blog - you can browse recipes here, watch youtube cooking videos here, and sign up for my newsletter so you don't miss a recipe!

Gourmet Products

Now, I make the most delicious chili oil on the planet. Yes, I know that's a tall claim, but really - try it out and see for yourself!

Every ingredient is premium quality, made with care by hand and with attention to detail.

There's no compromising on any step of the process. And I believe the result is a superior chili oil that's aromatic, delicious, and pleasing to even the pickiest palate!

I'm so proud to share my culture, recipes, products with customers across the country.

In my "spare" time (ha!) I’m a wife and a proud “tiger mom” of wonderful boy-girl twins. I am also a hardcore iron HOME chef! 

I hope you will feel the joy it brings me to share the traditions, culture, and flavors of Taiwan with the ChiaChia's Queendom Community

Thank you for being here - now, let's go on a culinary adventure together. You ready?