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ChiaChia is a Taiwanese native, who moved to the Seattle Area in 2003. With a passion for traditional cooking techniques and a love of high quality ingredients, she's been helping home chefs around the world bring gourmet food to their table for years.


    ChiaChia brings gourmet Taiwanese cooking to American home chefs across the country. Follow her Newsletter and get her best recipes!


    As a premium importer of the highest quality Taiwanese ingredients, every product ChiaChia puts her name behind is one that transforms and elevates your meals.


    Through her regular videos on YouTube, ChiaChia shares traditional cooking techniques and culture so home chefs can learn how to create top quality meals at home.


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Chili Oils

Chili Oils

Our handcrafted chili oil is a perfect balance of spice, taste, and... 


Frequently Asked Questions

How can we use this Chili Oil?

You can add this chili oil to virtually anything you want to enhance the flavor of, salad dressings,  topping hot or cold dishes, on stir noodles, Chinese take-out, pizza, bread, smashed cucumber, make dipping sauce for dumplings, dim sum, and wontons...get creative and have fun! Check out our recipes for inspiration.

Are your products Gluten Free? What about Dairy Free?

Yes, the chili oils are gluten free and dairy free, made with premium goose fat, exceptional spices, and lots of Love! 

How should we store this Chili Oil

You can store your Chili Oil tightly closed at room temperature if you are going to use the whole jar within a short time.  You may refrigerate the oil to help preserve the aromas and intensity of the spices while the goose fat stays soft and easy to spoon out.

How do you ship my purchase?

Your order is sent, via USPS, in 1-3 days of ordering from foodie to foodie!  You'll receive a shipping confirmation with tracking details once it's in the mail carrier's hands. Visit the USPS website for more information about ship times to your zip code.

How spicy is this Chili Oil?

That depends upon your taste, so we created twin oils to please everyone!  The ChiaChia Chili Oil Original recipe is milder, that I use more for the aroma but plenty of spice heat. ChiaChia Spicy Chili Oil is for those that want to feel the spice level at a higher level. We found the right chili that brought the heat, without overpowering the amazing fragrance and flavors in our ChiaChia Chili Oil. Shop Chili Oil Today or try our Twin Oils and find your favorite.

Do you offer discounts or coupons?

Yes! Sign up for my newsletter to receive tips, recipes and techniques from my kitchen and I will share a 15% discount for your first order. 

How is this the best Chili Oil on the Planet?

Our secret recipe is a perfect balance of spice, flavor, and aroma - when you open a jar, the fragrance will blow your mind! Made only in small batches each time, we want you to have an experience that’s as close as being in ChiaChia's kitchen, smelling and tasting everything right off the stove while it’s the freshest! I only import PREMIUM Goose Fat and QUALITY Taiwanese ingredients for my products. It's a quality and freshness you can taste and smell. Try it out and experience the difference.

Why Goose Fat?

Goose fat is the olive oil of animal fats, and a perfect option for gourmet and health-conscious chefs around the world.

Here's a few benefits of goose fat:

-Higher in heart-healthy fats than other animal fats

-Cooking versatility with a high smoke point so you can use it at high heat.

-Adds a silky richness to the aroma of meals, as well as a velvety texture on your palate. 

Cooking with Goose Fat is a quick and easy way to subtly enhance the aroma and flavor of nearly anything you cook!

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