Chewy Snowflakes / Marshmallow Biscuits 雪花酥

This is a very tasty treat that we discovered about 5 years ago when we moved back to Taiwan. It's not one of those traditional dessert/snack we ate growing up. Some brilliant person created this in the last few years and just got really popular! Since the recipe can be so flexible with whatever kind of nuts or dried fruits you want to put in, people are going crazy coming out with different flavor creations. This chewy snowflakes has a combination of the texture of a nougat, refreshing flavor of some dried strawberries and pineapple, tangy, yogurt-y touch from the cream cheese, and the nutty and earthy flavor of the nuts. It's chewy, sweet, tangy and nutty! It's like everything you want in a sweet treat! Plus it's super fun and easy to make! Give it a try! You'll thank me later! ;)


  • Unsalted butter x 50g
  • Marshmallow x 140g
  • Freeze dried strawberries & pineapple x 30g
  • Coastalberry trail mix x 60g
  • Milk powder x 50g
  • Cream cheese x 25g
  • Ritz Crackers x 100g (Lightly crushed, and can be substitute with GF version, equally as good!)

1. Melt the butter with medium heat.
2. Once the butter is melted, add in the mini marshmallow and melt the marshmallow with medium low heat.
3. Once the marshmallow is completed melted, add in cream cheese, and melt it completely.
4, Add in milk powder, stir until well dissolved.
5. Turn the heat off. Add in crackers, dried fruits, and nuts. Mix well with the melted marshmallow mix.
6. Transfer the whole mixture onto a baking sheet with parchment paper.
7. Wrap the mixture with parchment paper, and roll it out to flatten it into a 1 cm sheet. (or your desire thickness)
8. Wrap the falttened mixture back up and put it in the fridge to cool down for 2 hours.
9. Take it out and cut it into bite size!

chewy marshmallow biscuits


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