ChiaChia's Ultimate Scallion Pancake 蔥油餅

Scallion Pancakes to Taiwanese people is like chicken salad for Americans in the South! You get it on the street, in small restaurants, or even Michelin-starred ones, each with their own interpretation. Everyone is always on the search of the best Scallion Pancake. I've studied this dish for a long time and came up with this recipe that combines everyone's best tips, plus my own ideas! I am confident that this will be, if not the best, one of the best Scallion Pancake recipes, deserving the name of ChiaChia's Ultimate Scallion Pancake!


For the dough

  1. Scallions x 8 (Separate the green and the white parts, finely chop the green part for the dough, and slice length-wise the white part for the shortening)

  2. Pork Fat (or butter or any cooking oil) x ½ tbsp

  3. All Purpose Flour x 400g

  4. Chicken Broth x 200 ml

  5. Water x 40 - 60 ml (Varies with different flour and humidity)

  6. Salt x ½ tsp

For the shortening

  1. Pork fat x 4 tbsp (or any cooking oil)

  2. All Purpose Flour x 2 tbsp

  3. White Part of the Scallion ( Slice open length-wise )


  1. Put Pork fat into the Chicken broth and microwave until it's hot.

  2. Sprinkle salt into AP flour and stir well, then pour in the hot broth while stirring/mixing with chopsticks or fork, until the flour becomes flaky.

  3. Add in room temp. water, a little at a time, until there's no dry flour on the bottom or the side of the bowl.

  4. Put the dough into the mixer; at slow speed, mix for 2 minutes. Then turn the speed up to medium to stir for another 2-3 minutes, until the dough is really smooth and not sticky.

  5. Take the dough out, knead to a round shape, rub some pork fat all over the dough, and rest the dough for 2 - 5 hours, or overnight in the fridge.

  6. To make the shortening, put the pork fat into a cold pan, add the white part of the green onion, turn up the heat and melt the pork fat. Under medium low heat, slow cook the white part of the green onion until it turns brown.

  7. Take the green onion out, turn the heat up to high and heat the oil for 10 seconds. In a bowl, sprinkle some salt in to the AP flour, then pour the hot oil on top to "cook" the flour. Stir well. That's our infused shortening.

  8. Take the dough out; gently knead into a long shape, cut into 4 parts.

  9. Roll each part into a ball, then rub pork fat on top of each one. Cover the ones that are not being worked on.

  10. Roll the little ball out thin. The thinner you roll it, the flakier your pancake is going to get.

  11. Brush on the shortening; leave two side, and the side away from you unbrushed.

  12. Sprinkle some salt ( about ½ tsp ) all over, then sprinkle some of the chopped green part of green onions on top.

  13. From the side that's closest to you, scroll the sheet of dough, little by little, until you have a tube of dough; make sure you squeeze out air while scrolling.

  14. Then from one end, roll the tube of dough inwards, to make it like a cinnamon roll shape.

  15. Rub some pork fat on the prepared dough, cover it, and let it rest while you work on the other balls.

  16. Take one cinnamon roll shape dough; use your palm to gently press it flat a bit, then, using a rolling pin, roll it out into a flat, round pancake, however thin or thick you'd like it! You can cook it right away, or put a parchment paper in between each pancake and store it in the freezer for up to a month. When you want to cook it, take it out, and no need to thaw.

  17. Heat up a nonstick pan, put in 1 tbsp oil, put your still-frozen scallion pancake in, cover the lid (optional), with medium heat, cook it until golden brown. Flip, repeat until 2nd side is golden brown.

  18. Enjoy!

Pan fried with little oil to make it light and flaky


Pan Fried in more oil to make it super crunchy outside and flaky inside



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