Davonshire Cream (Almost)

To make the real Devonshire cream or clotted cream, we need unpasteurized cream, which is hard to find it in the US. This recipe allows you to create similar texture and the flavor of the real thing without any sweat! You can use if on scones, fruit parfait, angel fruit cake...or simply a great upgrade for your ordinary whipped cream!

Ingredients :

Heavy Cream x ½ cup
Mascarpone x 5 oz
Plain Greek Yogurt x 3 oz
Powder Sugar x 2 ½ tbsp
Homemade vanilla extract x ¼~½ tsp


1. Whip the heavy cream until slightly firm but still soft and liquid. 
2. Add mascarpone, plain Greek yogurt, and powder sugar into the heavy cream bowl, continue whipping the mixture until reach fluffy and thick whipped cream texture.
3. Add in the homemade vanilla extract and gently blend it in.
4. In a beautiful glass, assemble your fruit parfait however you like it.
5. Enjoy it!!!


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