Snowflake Potstickers 煎餃 鍋貼

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Potstickers are such a crowd pleaser and widely available. Follow my recipe and take your ordinary potsticker to another level, with just ONE secret ingredient! Introducing, ChiaChia’s Snowflake Potstickers!


  • Frozen dumplings 25-30 pcs ( depends on how big your dumplings are, and the size of your pan )
  • Fermented Tofu (or substitute with regular tofu ) x 1 tbsp mix with Water x 2 tbsp
  • Water x 1/2 cup
  • Oil x 2 tbsp


  1. Put oil in the cold pan, then start arranging the dumplings in the pan, from the center outwards, forming a tight circle (as pic below)

  2. Add in water, cover with lid, then turn on the heat to medium high. Bring to boil.

  3. Once it's boiled, add in the fermented tofu mix, then cover and bring to boil again.

  4. Once boiled, turn the heat down to medium low, and "steam" the potstickers for 6-8 mins.

  5. After 6-8 mins, the water should be almost all dried out. Uncover the lid, keep cooking under low heat for 3-5 mins to get the bottom of the potstickers golden brown.

  6. Peek under one on the outside; once it reaches the color you desire, turn the heat off.

  7. Prepare a plate that can fit in the pan and cover all the potstickers completely. (as pic below) Then flip the pan to transfer the potstickers onto the plate. (as pics below)

    ** Before flipping, you want to make sure all water in the pan is evaporated, so you don't get burn by the water when flipping.**

Arrange dumplings from center to form a tight circle

Find a plate that can fit in the pan and can cover the potstickers completely


Transferring the potstickers onto the plate



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