Sweet Sesame Soup 芝麻糊

sweet sesame soup

Sweet Sesame Soup - a traditional Chinese dessert that has great health benefits!! You don’t find “healthy” desserts all the time, but this is one of them! 😎 It can be served hot or cold, but Chinese people prefer it hot.

Why am I making this? My twins have been on the smaller side of the growth chart, since they were born.😔 Recently, we took them to a child growth doctor, and he recommended us to increase calcium intake. The easier way, of course, is drinking milk. However, the twins don’t really like milk, which is probably why they are short and don’t have enough calcium! I never forced them to drink cow’s milk because I, too, don’t enjoy the taste. (But I do like everything that’s made from milk, such as cheese. Big fan! The stinkier the better!) Instead, I researched all the foods with high calcium.

Sesame is top 1 on the list, along with seaweed, black fungus, and some other great food. Now that I have found so many foods that contain even higher amounts of calcium than milk, I’m on a mission of making them into yummy food for the kids to eat!

This way, they don’t have to drink so much milk, and they will have a variety of choices. Sweet Sesame soup is one of them! It’s pretty easy to make and the kids love it. That’s a win-win for momma!! 🙌


  • Black Sesame Seed x 120g
  • Rice (White rice/purple rice/black rice are all ok) x 120g
  • Sugar (Optional*) x 120g
  • Coconut Oil / Lard / Goose Oil (Optional**) x 2 tbsp
  • Water x 2000 ml


1. Rinse rice 2-3 times until the water is not very cloudy and the rice is clean. Soak rice in water for 48 hours.

2. Roast black sesame in a non-stick pan with NO oil on low heat for 3-5 minutes until fragrant. Then soak black sesame for 24 hours.

3. Drain water from the rice and black sesame, then put rice and black sesame into a blender.

4. Add about 500 ml water into the blender, blend until very smooth with no grainy texture. ( Kinda like a real fine smoothie texture)

5. In a pot, boil 1500 ml water with sugar until sugar is all dissolved.

6. Pour in the rice and black sesame "smoothie" into the pot. Turn the heat real low.

7. Constantly stir the pot and bring the sweet sesame soup to simmer. Simmer for 3-5 minutes.

8. Turn the heat off, drop in coconut oil, then stir until all is well-mixed in the sweet sesame soup.

9. Plate and serve hot or cold; Enjoy!

*If you skip sugar, you can add honey right before serving.

**The oil is to make the soup texture more glossy, smooth, and creamy. It doesn't effect the taste if you don't add oil.


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