The most flavorful Blanched Veggie you'll ever have! 燙青菜

Most of the time, we don't relate "blanch" with "flavorful". Blanching means probably healthy, but plain or boring. But in Taiwan, Blanched Vegetables is one of the most common street food you can get. It's popular not because it's healthy, but it's super flavorful! How do those street venders make it so flavorful? And how can we replicate that at home? Well, with my Magic Sauce, you will be able to turn any of your blanched vegetables into a very delicious dish that you would want to have it all the time!

Ingredients :
Spinach x 8-10 oz (or A head of broccoli, or any veggie of your choice)
Soy Sauce x 1 tbsp
Shallot-infused Goose Fat x 1 tbsp
Garlic (minced) x 1 tsp
Sugar (optional, depends on your soy sauce) x ¼ - ½ tsp

Recipe :
1. Boil a pot of water, then add a pinch of salt in the water. This is not to flavor the veggies, but to keep the veggies green.
2. Add in your veggie, and cook for a few seconds to 2 minutes depends on the veggie you use, and how you like the texture.
3. In a small bowl, mix soy sauce, goose fat and minced garlic together to make this simple but magical sauce.
4. Drizzle the sauce generously on the blanched veggies. Give it a toss if you need to, and ENJOY!!!

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